My First Activity Book

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My First Activity Book

Author : Anu Joshi

Publisher : Macmillan Publishers India Pvt.Ltd.

ISBN : 978-935-059-201-4

The new and enhanced edition of the series of books titled My First, Second and Third Activity Book, has been developed primarily for pre-school and nursery classes along the guidelines specified by the NCERT in its recommendations on Pupil Achievement at the Primary Level. This series teaches the student the 3-R’s through activity-based exercises that are directly related to the Indian nursery primary school environment.

The first book introduces the child to simple line practice, recognition of shapes, number work from 1 to 10 and matching pictures. The second and third books association of sounds with letters and words which are developed into simple sentences. Number work, including counting, reading and writing cardinal numbers is further developed. The activities in these books have therefore been designed to encourage children to think, deduce, analyze and learn basic concepts. Most of these activities can be carried out without supervision of adults which leaves the child with a sense of achievement and that stems from independent learning.

Au Joshi has been involved in primary school education for many years both as a teacher and as principal of a primary school. She was educated in England from an early age and has adapted many techniques and methods learnt there. She is currently based at Jaipur and is actively engaged in pre-primary education.



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